View from Oban Bothy

View from Oban Bothy

Friday, 29 May 2020

TGOC2020…virtually the forth bit

Another little hiccup / brain-fart / malfunction that is the #virtualTGOC space-time continuum: I woke up in the very early hours - in my frozen tent. Somehow I'd been transported to Loch Cuaich. How the hell did that happen?

What confused me more (bear in mind that I'm easily confused, even on a good day) was that at around 1am my tent lit up as if it was daylight - scary. It seems that poachers / lampers were oot 'n aboot.

I later learned that Mssrs Lambert & Alan Sloman were camped not too far away and heard / saw the same kerfuffle. Later in the morning, at a far more sensible time o'clock, there was the little matter of ascending the shapely Sgor Dearg and then the steep descent to Gaick Lodge and Loch an t-Seilich. Hard work considering it was first thing in the morning.

A second breakfast followed in a lovely sheltered gully by Allt Bhran (All Bran...?).

Peace and quite was shattered by the arrival of Keith Leonard and Terry Leyland. They didn't hang around.

Approaching Lochan an t-Sluic I spotted a couple of tents by the lochan: it was Angus McKinnon and Norrie. Gus kindly allowed me to snoop around his Akto, a new tent on me - a month later I'd bought my own.

The night was spent in Ruigh-aiteachain Bothy.

The next day's route followed the classic Feshie - Geldie path....where I inveitably fell into bad company once again: Steve Smith, Big n' Daft, Pauline Marshall & Bernie,- plus loads more!

It was a grand day to Whitebridge and a fine camp spot that night.

Tomorrow: Braemar!


  1. Excellent JJ. Nice pic outside your tent.
    Socially distanced coffee and brownies are available here. Perhaps see you next week sometime.

    1. Thanks Martin - I'll take you up on that kind offer!


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