View from Oban Bothy

View from Oban Bothy

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Wednesday 27th Jan 2015, Portwood to Timperley

A nice flat walk

Martin’s new car needed a fettle, the fettling needed to be carried out at the garage in Stockport. Being as wot we hadn’t seen one another for quite some time (my fault, not his) we both thought it would be a bit of a wheeze to drive his car to the garage and then walk home. And so we did.

After delivering the only slightly poorly car do the garage we wandered into town, first for a leisurely coffee and then to visit the fine folk at Alpenstock, purveyors of equally fine outdoor gear. If you’ve not visited then you should – the staff are both knowledgeable and friendly…..and if you hang around long enough you’re likely to be plied with coffee. Not much not to like Smile

Our route home predominantly followed the River Mersey – which rather conveniently (for us) flows through the centre of Stockport. The surface of the riverside path has been significantly improved of late and we walked at a pleasantly brisk pace.

A few snaps of our walk:


A sad reminder of the Stockport Air Crash, I remember it too well


Not quite the standard of graffiti the Martin has been used to of late!




Tatton Arms, lorst and gorn


Tatton Weir


Another birdie


Where we went:

Portwood to Timperley

11.5 miles,mostly downhill.


I haven’t got a FitBit but I frequently use a pedometer, so in case anyone is interested: 19368 steps – which seems about right to me.

Highlights of the walk: Alpenstock, Martin’s company (and his yummy cakes!), bits of the area I’d not previously walked, it only rained once. Oh, and we didn’t see Jo Brand – she was probably ahead of us by a few miles.

Thanks to Martin for the invite, his cakes and company – and the chance to catch up.

With any luck you should find the GPX of the route here.

Test – with Open Live Writer

I’ve been a fan of Open Source Software ever since I started using Linux on an old laptop. I was delighted to discover (from Martin) that Live Writer is now Open Source – particularly as I’d all but given up on blogging because of the unreliability and frequent ‘outages’ of M$ Live Writer when trying to post to my blog.

Anyroadup, this is a test using Open Live Writer on Win7 Pro.

Photos from last year’s OM NYM weekend:



P2P recce with Judith, a UFO, and a wild camp.

The reason for this test is the continuing problem I have with posting using Open LiveWriter…. The Plan (there’s sometimes A Plan) was to...