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View from Oban Bothy
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Sunday, 27 March 2016

Friday 25th March, Mobberley again

Just some photographs from this year’s Tour de Mobberley, aka The Mobberley 8.

Many of the photographs are mine, others (all the decent ones) were taken by Amy, Jenn Stanley, Susie Stockton-Link, John Condy….and probably others too.

A very splendid outing in good company and fine weather. Excellent beers may have been enjoyed in all of the pubs. Singing & playing at the Railway, Mobberley.

The day was spoiled somewhat, my mate Jenn had her bike stolen from outside the Railway. As far as I’m aware this is the first time this sort of thing has happened on the Mobberley 8. Not good. too many ‘strangers’ taking part these days? Who knows.

One good thing: I’ve proved to myself that I CAN cycle in a kilt.




Amy’s photo of Ralph & Co


John Hastie & Nessie


John Condy’s excellent pic at the Plough & Flail


Jerry and Susie

Gerry & Susie Smile



Sad sight – the closed Stag @ Warford.


Nessie playing beautifully





John McN


Linda making ‘em have it


Lord Peter Whimsey


Susie in fine and full voice

The day’s route….remarkably similar to last years!


Around 25 miles….and almost flat. Apart from the hilly bits.

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Good Friday 2015, Cycling the Eight

It’s Good Friday so it must be the Mobberley 8

Every Good Friday there’s a bicycle ride around the pubs of Mobberley. It all started in the 1970s and has continued ever since. It’s not organised, it just happens every year. Apart from last year, when I was walking a section of the South West Costal Path, I’ve done the M8 continually since the mid 1980s.

Whilst most cycle around the route, although in previous years there have been some on horseback, a couple of runners, the inevitable walkers….usually those who have a bike that’s let them down – punctures etc.

In the early days the challenge was to get around nine pubs, starting from the Plough and Flail at twelve o’clock midday, and finishing 2 hours later at the Railway. Why nine pubs? Well, the parish of Mobberley has 8 pubs but the route takes you out of the parish to pass another pub. And it could be considered rude to pass the pub by without calling in for a swift one.

In these days of extended pub opening hours the Mobberley Eight still starts at mid-day, but it’s finish is far more relaxing. Many don’t leave the last pub until 6pm.

This year the event was supported by those fine young ladies (?) of the Macclesfield W.I. Well that’s who they said they were. The contents of the teapot were ever so slightly suspect.

At the first pub, The Plough & Flail:





The Frozen Mop:P1040168


 Some ladies appear to have taken a wrong turning – in more ways than one


LJH (on the left) engineer and carpenter extraordinaire‎. He built the machine below.

The ‘8’ always attracts some real feats of engineering contrivance, this year was no exception:

P1040171Front wheel drive: a 24v motor powered by 2 x 12v GelCells. the motor had a reduction drive and further gearing was via a cobbled-together derailleur mechanism hanging off the front forks. It worked but the lack of a soft-start on the motor made for some interesting standing starts.

P1040172 Slightly damp conditions kept many away this year, numbers were definitely down

Two pubs were closed this year, the Stag and the Roebuck. This meant other arrangements needed to be made. One substitution was The Mobberley Victory Hall, purveyors of very fine ales indeed:



 The Victory Hall’s very tasteful dedication to those who fell

The Route:


From Timperley it’s around 25 very gentle miles

A very jolly day, some folk were jollier than others :-)

More photographs here.

Until next year then….