View from Oban Bothy

View from Oban Bothy

Friday, 5 June 2015

Posting to Blogger without Live Writer

Exploring options for posting into Blogger

This is now largely academic, but it may come in useful in the future:

A spat between Gurgle and M$ meant that, for a short time, it was impossible to post to Blogger (Google) using Windows Liver Writer (Microsoft). Whatever, after a week or so Windows Liver Writer and Blogger started working together once again – once again all is rosy in the Blogger garden. For now at least.

These are the results of my various attempts at posting into Blogger:

Open Office 4.1.1

I copied and pasted text and an image directly from an Open Office document, saved in M$ Office format (.doc) directly into Blogger.

The text copied over without a problem, the image didn’t. There was an image window of the correct size but it was empty. Imageless. Blank.

Live Writer (okay, I lied – I didn’t really mean without Live Writer)

As above, but saved as HTML, and copied and pasted directly into Blogger.

A similar result with the added faff of all manner of HTML coding stuff appearing in the blog.

I went back into blogger and manually added the image. This bit worked fine.

I didn’t spend too much time exploring this option because by the time I’d rolled my sleeves up WLW had started to work again. Martin tried this option successfully.


Typed text and added images directly into Blogger.

This worked but it’s not easy and needs a fair amount of juggling to get a half-decent result.

Libre Office Writer / email

Created the posting, text and images) in Libre Office Writer. Attached the doc to an email which I then sent to my Blogger email address.

Nowt. Bugger all. Apart from the header = the subject line of the email.


Posting created in webmail (Hotmail). Images added ‘inline’.

This worked although the images would need centralising in Blogger.


Created and posted from my Android tablet.

This worked quite well, just a shame that it’s Android only.

And finally…

Windows Live Writer is not perfect by any means but it’s certainly the easiest and most flexible way of posting to Blogger.

It seems that very recent versions of M$ Word have the facility to post directly into a blog. I don’t have a recent version of Word so I can’t comment. Perhaps someone out there in the Blogosphere could try this out.

Meanwhile I’m back with Windows Live Writer – whilst it still works.


And FINALLY finally: I’m no expert, these are just the findings of a fumbling, bumbling blogger. And, and I’ve said this before, it’s bad form to start sentences with ‘And’.

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Test Post: Windows Live Writer

Martin has had success using WLW, if this works it would seem that Google and M$ have kissed and made up.


Text in between images.


Monday, 1 June 2015

Blogging via Thunderbird

Test post using LibreOffice Writer and copied and pasted into an email using Thunderbird

Post created as a normal document.

Image inserted as normal and can be re-positioned and re-sized:

Document then copied and pasted into an email and sent to the blog address.

Post using Libre Office Writer

Post created in Libre Office Writer.

Image included in the body of the doc which is then attached to the email.

Test post: email

Posting from webmail (Hotmail).


Text in between images


Test post using Bloggeroid

Sent from my tablet.

Text in between images

posted from Bloggeroid

Test Post directly into Blogger

Nothing else seems to work satisfactorily so this is just to remind me how much of a faff it is to post directly into Blogger.

Emailing posts seems to work but it's not the easiest way to update the blog.

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