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Thursday, 9 January 2020

Christmas Eve Wild Camp, 24th Dec 2019

I managed to escape some of the madness that Christmas has become by a wild camp in the Peak District.

My usual camp spot, suggested to me some time ago by the very excellent Chrissie Dixie, proved to be impractical because of the high winds – so a lower and more sheltered spot was called for.

I wasn’t expecting the wind to be so, er, windy – in fact when I arrived in Edale there was just a gentle breeze, but as I climbed higher the wind got much stronger. After a quick squint at the map I dropped down and wandered up Grindsbrook Clough where I found a lovely flat spot, right next to a water source. Nice.

My tent was up and I was safely and cosily snuggled up in my Akto just as darkness fell. A cheating tea of bread & cheese and Heinz Tomato Cupasoup followed by mince pies & custard (well it WAS Christmas Eve!) sorted out my hunger pangs. 

The evening was spent reading (Laurie Lee’s ‘As I Walked Out One Midsummer Morning’) and listening to the Radio 4 type wireless. All was well.

Although it was a breezy, wet night I slept through it all, not waking until 7.30am. After a quick breakfast of porridge and numerous mugs of coffee, I packed up and headed back to Edale and my car. 

I was surprised how many walkers and even runners I met on my walk back to my car. One runner passed me, having run DOWN from Kinder….he must have started early, wherever he came from.

I was back at the car by 10am, and home by 10.45am. Then it was Christmas Day with my family – great fun!

Monday, 18 December 2017

Christmas 2017

At the risk of upsetting folk - something I seem to do with consummate ease (it's a talent), I won't be doing the Christmas card thingy.


Instead I've decided to donate a lump of dosh to the Manchester charity: The Booth Centre

There are too many disadvantaged folk out there who are REALLY struggling and our 'caring' government clearly don't give a damn, it's just not right.

Anyroadup, I just wanted to do a little something to help and I hope my donation helps.

Have a lovely Christmas folks!

Socially distanced music session. 24th June 2020

…with cake! Ed kindly offered the use of his back garden to sit and play music whilst maintaining a safe and sensible distance from one...