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View from Oban Bothy
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Sunday, 16 March 2014

The Ides of March

A run into Manchester

I needed to get into Manchester to pick up a tube of specialist glue for a repair job I’m carrying out (replacing the ‘non-replaceable’ battery in a Garmin Forerunner GPS).

This little GPS is a cracking bit of kit but is spoiled by a designed-in limited life of around 4 years because of the sealed-in Lithium Ion battery. Fortunately I’m able to carry out such repairs – thus saving the not insignificant cost of a new GPS.

I also needed to get out to do some exercise so….two birds, one stone an’ all that, so I ran into Manchester. Rather than use the standard Curry Walk route along the Bridgewater Canal towpath all the way into Manchester I decided to add a significant amount of tarmac.

Manchester has some interesting sights:

P1000957 On Chester Road, Old Trafford
P1000959 Inside the remains of a demolished pub, Old Trafford
Dot Motorcycles, still running after all these years
St George’s, no longer a functioning church
Adjacent to Whitworth Street West
T’ Cut
The new, the newer and the renovated:
A Metrolink tram, Manchester Central (formerly G-Mex – but prior to that, er, Manchester Central Railway Station) and the Beetham Tower in the background.

Amazing what you see when you look up:

or when you look down:
River Medlock running under Oxford Road
The Lass o’ Gowrie, closed once again
The Old Trafford Cycle Link, designed to frustrate cyclists. The gate is locked shut.
I probably covered around 12 miles altogether – 9 miles running into Manchester, the extra 3 miles were tagged on as I once again successfully got lost in Manchester.
Ho hum.
Tomorrow’s job: replace the battery in the Garmin.
All the photographs (apart from the Garmin GPS) were taken using my little Lumix DMC-SZ3.

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