View from Oban Bothy

View from Oban Bothy

Saturday, 22 September 2018

Via de la Plata, Round 2, Day 4

Another very early start to avoid the heat of the day. I think we were up and away before 6am. Destination for the day was Ourense, around 110km from our ultimate goal: Santiago de Compostela.

The least said about the journey to Ourense the better....although we did stop off at a fine cafe en route, and although we were sat outside, adjacent to a main road, there was very little traffic to disturb us.

Ferrets are sold widely here - although we didn't spot any.

Opposite the railway station

Anyroadup, after the previously quite noisy overnighter we'd decided on a private Albergue in Ourense: Grelo Hostel, not too far from the centre of the city. This proved to be a good choice. It was spotlessly clean, very spacious and modern....but outrageously expensive  (not!) at 15€ ea per night. That included breakfast of toast, croissants,  cake and stuff like  that.

After settling into our new home we set out to explore the town. A most interesting feature of the town was the cathedral with it's octagonal tower. So for 8€ (?) each we spent a goodly time exploring the inside of this magnificent historic building::

After the cultural bit it was beer o'clock  - and time to eat too. We spent the next couple of hours in the company of Fred who happened to also be staying at Grelo Hostel.

Rob & Fred, on their 3rd (?) pint

Fred was from near Newcastle upon Tyne but now lived across the border in SE Scotland. We drank rather a lot of beer together as we discussed all manner of subjects including  politics, rapper, beer, mental health, the NHS, and Brexit - to mention just a few!

The waiter at the bar was a jazz drummer and he was soon drawn into our chat. I ended up playing a few tunes - to the polite applause of our fellow diners and boozers. A most pleasant , if rather extended, lunch.

It was early evening when we left the bar. Music and drumming could be heard from not too far away so we set out to investigate. Like y'do.

Have a look (and listen) to this short excerpt :

A gathering of musicians and dancers had gathered in the city's main square and they were intent on having a great night out and making a great deal of noise at the same time. They succeeded on both counts.

We followed them as they processed around the town...and the night wore on. And on.

Eventually we decided that enough was enough and it we'd better head back to the Albergue.

Easier said than done.

We'd got hopelessly, er, misplaced whilst following the procession around town - if it hadn't been for Google Maps we'd probably still be wandering around now.

Eventually we snuck in and got to bed, we had yet another early start the next morning to avoid the heat of the day.

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  1. Sounds as if you are having a great time JJ.


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