View from Oban Bothy

View from Oban Bothy

Sunday 8 March 2015

Friday 27th February, In search of curry

The challenge continues…

The challenge wasn’t to find a decent curry – we know very well how to do that, but to find another green route into Manchester City centre, or in particular This and That.

This was a short-notice walk. I’d just returned from two weeks in USA and really needed to get out.

As well as notifying the usual Curry Crew I popped the plan onto the Meetup website and also mentioned it to Judith – who blagged a day off work to join us. This was A Good Thing. In addition to Judith, another newly inducted member of the Curry Crew, Lynn, was able to join us. This was another Good Thing.

Cathy was hoping to join us but at the last moment had been called into work. Hopefully she’ll be able to join us on a future walk.


Lynn and Judith leading, Rick and Martin trying to keep up

The first couple of miles was on the well-trodden and recently re-surfaced Bridgewater Canal towpath. The new surface has made a terrific difference, it used to be just so muddy in many places.


The Watch House (JW Lees fizzy-pop), the oldest building in Stretford


Judith in the dead centre of Chorlton. Sorry…..


Hough End Hall, yours for a lot of money


On the Fallowfield Loop (FLOOP), on the course of an old railway.

Wiki has quite a bit of information on the FLOOP, it’s well worth a quick read.


P1030808 Entering Platt Fields Park

P1030810 Platt Fields Park Boating Lake


P1030813Lynn and Martin 



A once very grand house in Rusholme 


The Anchor, the former very excellent (Marston’s) Whitworth pub 


Through Manchester University….

P1030819…where Alan Turing did much work 

P1030822 It might have won an award in 1968, but not in 2015

P1030824More Manchester University 


P1030826Rick, Martin & Judith…..and curry 

P1030828Followed by a beer or two in the Abel Heywood


Where we went:

Curry walk 27th Feb 2015

Around 12 miles of flatness

As ever, another interesting route into Manchester in good company. The curry was as excellent (and cheap!) as ever, and we have two new Curry Crew members, Lynn and Judith.

Unfortunately Lynn had an unavoidable appointment and had to get back to Altrincham as soon as we arrived in Shude Hill. Consequently she wasn’t able to join us for the curry or the beer. this means she’s not been FULLY inducted. Yet.

It was good to meet you Lynn, we all look forward to you being able to join us again before long.


There’s going to be another Curry Walk on Thursday 12th March:



  1. Sounds good John, some fascinating buildings there. Did you purchase an extra curry to dehydrate and use next week?

    1. A fine idea - but I've just made a batch of lentil curry that's about to fester in the dehydrator - thus stinking the house out. Again.

  2. And it looks yummy too. Shame i missed this one.

    1. Aye, you were missed - hopefully you'll be joining us on Thursday's little yomp!

  3. Very interesting walk. I like looking at old buildings. Doesn't matter to me that it's flat walking.

    1. Thanks Ilona, it was good. Although I've always lived in the area I've discovered some fine architecture and really interesting industrial archeology since we started doing these walks.


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