View from Oban Bothy

View from Oban Bothy

Thursday, 26 July 2018

TGOC2018, Day 14, The End

In which I eat strawberries. Again.

This was all terribly amazing and confusing….but at about 10.30am (after once again being fed royally by the Crooks of Knipe Knipes of Crook) we set off walking from Brechin’s Co-op in the general direction of The End Of My TGOC2018, aka: Kinnebar Links….via the very wonderful Charleton Fruit Farm. Obv.

Until this year I’d never visited Brechin, I gather there’s a pizzeria in town. And probably a couple of pubs, perhaps more. Whatever, Our Plan was to head east and get to the coast as quickly as possible. The route wasn’t going to be much fun, a few off-road bits but mostly tarmac…but at least it was dry & bright.


Caledonian Railway Station, Brechin

We were soon out of town and heading to the coast in the most direct way possible.




It should be Garden’s ….shouldn’t it?


For AlanR

After much tarmac, a few interesting ancient features and a closed pub we arrived, hungrily, at Charleton Fruit Farm.


It would have been rude not to…..

Chasing after Fast Knipe, who seemed to be on a mission, we arrived at the coast where the traditional wetting of the boots and chucking of the pebble from the west coast ceremony took place.


A ship in the North Sea



Then it was a brisk march along the beach to Montrose where loads of biscuits were snaffled from Challenge Control. And I received a pair of Darn Tough Socks by way of reward for my efforts. The socks were good, very good. In fact I’m going to buy some more. 

So that was that, all over and done with until next year. I was good fun (nowt new there), the weather was unusually excellent, the company was good…and the socks were brill.

Next year just MAY see me doing a very lightweight and very fast crossing. Not sure yet.

In the meantime….

20180524_180904 Michael Glass holding me up


The very excellent Ali


The equally very excellent Su…chatting to Tim (who is also pretty damned excellent too!)


  1. Excellent stuff JJ, very impressive, some marvelous piccies too!

    1. Thanks Dawn.
      It's funny, I'm not usually impressed with my photographs, they're ok - but nothing more than that.
      I'm nearly ALWAYS impressed when I see photographs that others have taken though.
      Ho hum.

  2. Pleased to see you managed to get to the sea, and you even managed a 50 mile interlude!
    We found Mr K at the fruit farm on the Saturday morning after the alleged finish. It appeared that he had retired to consume more strawberries.....

    1. I think you'll find he wasn't consuming strawberries - allthough the rest of his family probably were!

    2. Maybe... there was rather a large contingent...

  3. Really enjoyed reading all your posts and stories. Waiting until my kids have finally moved out so I can join the TGO fun


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