View from Oban Bothy

View from Oban Bothy

Friday 13 October 2017

Friday 13th in Cheshire

What could possibly go wrong?

One of Sue & Martin’s walks. We met at Lindow Common (famous for Lindow Man) and wandered along bits of the Bollin Valley Way, over to Styal Woods and then to Quarry Bank Mill (NT) for a fast coffee before returning to Lindow Common.

I was in good company: we were five TGO Challengers: Sue & Martin, John B and Graham B….plus me of course.


Sue leads (!!) Graham through more slutch and clartyness

The weather promised to be a bit variable, and so it was: grey, wet, very wet and really very wet.

In between chatting with my fellow walkers, my thoughts drifted to what I should make for my tea, the possibility of fresh Rat-au-Van presented itself but was quickly discarded:




Martin, our glorious leader, leading from the rear


River Bollin in Styal Woods



Photos of the same bit of oak tree taken with my Lumix TZ70. The photo on the left was taken with maximum optical zoom, the photo on the right was taken with maximum optical zoom + (maybe) maximum electronic zoom.


Sue, being the ever-vigilant sort that she is, spotted this fungi


We’re Challengers after all….



Time was getting on, Sue & Martin had a lunch appointment in nearby Hale so the last mile or so of the route was coverered smartishly.

Where we went (clockwise):


7.5 miles with 700’ of up and downery…according to Viewranger.

A nice little walk in very agreeable company – just what was needed on a soggy Friday morning, thanks to Martin & Sue for inviting me along. And for the cake. And for the coffee.

You can read what REALLY went on here.



  1. It looks a lovely walk, although the sludgery mucky bits look a tad daunting!

    1. It was a bit grim in parts - I was certainly glad I was wearing boots.

  2. What, no brownies!

    1. Ah, I suspected there was a serious ommision in that post, of course there were brownies - it wouldn't have been a proper Martin & Sue walk without them!

    2. Nice one JJ! And thanks for your company.


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