View from Oban Bothy

View from Oban Bothy

Monday, 23 January 2017

30th July 2016, A Bikepack to Anglesey

My mate John has been mithering me for years to join him for a few days on his annual sojourn to Rhoscolyn on Anglesey. I’d successfully resisted for years but I eventually gave way and agreed to join him for a few days – the weather was nice, so why not?

I didn’t fancy the idea of driving so I loaded up Ronny the Ridgeback and pedalled the 120 or so miles to Ynys Môn.

Not many photos I’m afraid, a majority were taken on my iPhone which were lost whilst trying to fettle the damned thing. Only a few were taken on my Lumix compact.

The journey took two days, I stealth camped overnight somewhere west of Llanfairfechan. It was a decent ride into a steady breeze, my little legs knew about it. Ronny the Ridgeback just took the ride in his stride. My backside survived the ride well, thanks to the very excellent Brooks sprung saddle – bought earlier in the year for my LETimp ride.

I arrived at Rhoscolyn’s Outdoor Alternative at around 7.30pm. It’s a nice campsite but it was dangerously oversubscribed – so much so that I struggled to find a space for my Akto.


The view from Four Mile Bridge…..which is nowhere near 4 miles long


On the footpath from the campsite to the seashore





The wind had completely changed direction by the time I was ready to go home so I wimped out: I cycled to Holyhead and chucked myself and the bike on the train. I’m not TOTALLY stupid!

It was a nice break that was all the more enjoyable by being in good company. Anglesey is quite a pleasant backwater. Rhoscolyn in particular is nicely off the beaten track. I think my next camping trip to Anglesey will either be a round-the-island bikepack or backpack, maybe in the summer of 2017.


  1. Sounds interesting John. Some good photos there too!

    1. It was interesting Dawn. I'll certainly be going back to Anglesey - the coastline is quite something. The iPhone I was using is okay but I struggled to get to grips with it after using an android phone - hence losing most of the photographs :-(

  2. I find it's not so easy being honest with oneslef about packing in - I have done it a couple of times on long walks. You gave me a smile at the image of "chucking" your bike on the train after I had just watched a deeply thought provoking documentary on BBC 4 that I have just posted about.

    1. I just didn't fancy another 120 miles into a stiff breeze, it would have been hard work - the train was just too much of a temptress!
      I shall now go and read your blog entry....I'm intrigued.

  3. I find it not easy to be honest with oneself deciding to pack it in. I have done it a couple of times on long walks. You gave me a smile at the image of you "chucking" your bike onto the train, particularly as I had just come from watching a thought provoking, but sombre documentary on BBC 4 that I have just posted about.

    I thought I had posted this comment, but it ddin't seem to go. If you find two you can delete the first one.