View from Oban Bothy

View from Oban Bothy

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Spanish Spain, in the beginning.

This trip so very nearly tripped at the first, second, third, fourth,
.... hurdles :

Hurdle 1: On Tuesday my debit card was comprised so I needed to get a replacement pronto. I managed to get a replacement card later that day.

Hurdle 2: On Wednesday, the day I set off on my trip, I found that my replacement debit card had been blocked by the bank. This delayed the buying of my tram ticket which made me miss a tram to Manchester. Oh, and an 'incident' on the tram network was delaying all the trams. A lot of buggering about later and I got to Manchester by the skin of my teeth to catch the express coach to Liverpool. 

Hurdle 3: There was no coach. 

An accident on the motorway. They said. 

There was a 20 minute delay. They said.

Hurdle 4, part 1: The coach arrived one hour and ten minutes later....only a bit longer than the 20 minute delay.  

Hurdle 4, part 2: The journey was scheduled to take 50 minutes and there would be no delays. They said. 

1 hour 20 minutes later the coach arrived at Liverpool Airport. 

This left 10 minutes to clear security and run to the departure gate. Easyjet don't wait for anyone.

Fortunately I'd booked priority boarding which sped the process considerably. I got to the departure gate in time and boarded the plane. Others weren't so lucky. 

Things can only get better, eh?

The 3hr journey from Madrid aeropuerto (that's foreign for airport) to Salamanca passed without incident - things were getting back on track.

The weather is pleasant,  around 25degC and a bit overcast. 

The Revolutum Hostel is excellent,  more a hotel than a hostel. 

I unwound with some beer last night and then just crashed out. 

This morning I had an enormous breakfast of cereal,  toast,  cheese, croissants, coffee, juice and other stuff too - magic! All is rather better this morning. 

My good mate John Mc is under the knife this afternoon, he's having a hip replacement. This will be on my mind today.

Rather than set off walking today I've decided to explore Salamanca, it really is a beautiful city that just oozes history out of every pore.

Tomorrow I head north.  I'm not sure how far yet, it all depends.....

Pics are taken at low res to speed upload times.  I've duplicated the photos with my proper camera and these images will be replaced when I get back home. 


  1. Bonne continuation ( I don't know the Spanish equivalent). I admire your lack of forward planning - a man after my own heart. I have had to type this as an email, copy it, and then paste it into your comment box because when writing as a comment Blogger suddenly stops me typing any more. Hope this solution works.

    Sent from my iPad

  2. Buene continuacion yerself! Or that maybe bueno. ..not sure.
    The Plan (Ho-ho!) is going to plan. No plan is good, I'm just flying by the seat of my pants!
    Enjoy your trip, although I've not commented I've been following your progress.

  3. Well done JJ - you probably got to Liverpool at the same time as the later bus that I advised against taking. Next time I suggest you accept my offer of a lift!

    Seems like you have 'Timperley Weather' over there, so you should be fine, and I think you should find WiFi in most places. We noticed that in Italy and France, the campsites have WiFi right across the sites.

    Have a great walk, and we look forward to seeing you on return. Hope you have 30/10 in your diary for a walk from Failsworth to This 'n That.

    1. If I'd taken the bus I was considering taking I would have definitely missed the flight, heaven knows what time that would have got in.
      I wouldn't have wanted to put you out lift-wise...but you couldn't offer a lift anyway if you recall - you were busy! A nice thought though, thanks!

    2. JJ - you caught me late for the quiz due to driving as far as the M60 before realising my wallet was at home, so our conversation was a bit garbled and you did seem intent on the bus. I'd have been able to take you as long as I was back for 11.30. Next time give me advance warning and I'll combine it with a trip to the Wirral.
      Have fun!

  4. Ah the vagaries of UK public transport!!! Hopefully the plan will now go according to plan. Mind, a wee bit of variation may prove interesting, Just a smidge mind, not enough to spoil the plan. Have fun, looking forward to the next write up and photos.


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