View from Oban Bothy

View from Oban Bothy

Tuesday, 1 June 2021

MSR Titan Kettle Burny Fingers 1st June 2021

I’ve been using my MSR Titan kettle for a good few years, it’s favourite bit of kit. I like it because it’s titanium and therefore very lightweight, and I can store a gas canister and a Primus windshield inside it when I’m packed.

I’ve used it with various stoves: a Caldera Cone meths burner, a Pocket Rocket clone, and an Optimus Nova multi-fuel stove.

Points are knocked off because it’s so expensive (but that’s titanium for you), and burny fingers: the metal wire handles get seriously hot, especially when I use it with the Caldera Cone. I have the scars to prove it.

I recently spotted a solution on a post on an outdoorsy FB page: slip a length of silicone rubber sleeving over the metal wire handles – it works perfectly!




Apres Modification

I also flipped the handles round so that they’re ‘upside down’ compared to the original. This has two advantages: I find the kettle handles easier to grip, and because the shorter part of the handle is now closer to the heat source, it heats up less.

If you want to do this mod yourself, the wire handles are 3mm diam. I sourced the silicone sleeving from Amazon, 3mm ID x 6mm OD., it’s available from other suppliers too, search for:

‘Sourcing map Silicone Tubing 3mm ID x 6mm OD 10ft Flexible Silicone Rubber Tube Air Hose Water Pipe for Pump Transfer Red’


  1. Clever stuff John, well done

    1. I can't claim any originality for the idea Dawn, I found it on a FB pages....the clever stuff is someone else's. I'm afraid I can't the FB post now, otherwise I'd had given credit to the guilty party.


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